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This ministry offers discussion forums where readers can interact with one another. These forums actually pre-date this ministry, and initially started as a place for readers of Ichthys to connect with each other.

Now, however, these forums are open to all people who follow this ministry or one of the other ministries I recommend (including Ichthys).


The forums are invite-only. To get invited, you must be recommended by one of the networked teachers (that is, myself or any of the teachers from the aforementioned ministries I recommend). The basic idea is that the forums are a place for people enthusiastic about these ministries to talk. There are various benefits to keeping the group of people involved to only those who are enthusiastic about these ministries. You can [read more about why this decision was made]() on the version of this page explaining reasoning and justification. The main rationale is that we want to make sure that people that get involved with the forums are interested in being there and largely on-board with the teaching under discussion (rather than challenging everything, and therefore constantly butting heads with all the other people on the forums, people that already take for granted much of the teaching of these ministries). This doesn’t mean that you have to agree with everything that one or any of these ministries teach, just that you need to be somewhere in the orbit of these ministries.

With all this being said, you are more than welcome (and in fact, greatly encouraged) to reach out to let myself (or another one of the teachers involved, like Dr. Robert Luginbill of Ichthys) know that you are interested in this opportunity for fellowship – if none of us teachers ever gets to know you, it is hard for us to tell if you are a good fit for the forums or not. (I would recommend you reach out to the teacher of the ministry you primarily follow. So, for example, if it is BibleDocs then that is me; if it is Ichthys then that is Dr. Robert Luginbill, and so forth). I can’t say for sure that absolutely every request will be approved, but since enthusiasm is a big part of determining suitability, that will tend to work in your favor.

For your reference, here is contact information for the main ministries involved:

Special section for teachers

There is a section of the forums only available to Bible teachers who are either preparing for or engaging in ministry. This section exists because there are some matters that it is good for teachers to be able to talk about outside the view of lay Christians (for example, matters regarding how to deal with “wayward sheep,” advice in exercising authority in local Bible studies, and so on).

If you are a teacher and need access to this section, please email me at