In Progress Pages

Some pages have a warning at the top discussing the fact that they are presently in progress. Here’s what that warning looks like:

Please note: this page is in progress

Unlike my personal website where I publish pages that are really in progress — with TODOs floating around, fragmentary thoughts, and much unpolish — any given in progress page on this ministry website is really only in progress insofar as I have not finished writing all the content that I expect to be eventually located on the page. That is to say, everything that is published on the page is already complete, edited, and checked-over for accuracy and correctness, but there is still more planned writing on the page to be completed.

I'm an outliner when I write, so how this plays out in practice is that I will fill in the outline skeleton (as displayed in the table of contents) with content over time, until the whole page is eventually complete.

The main idea is to make as much content available as soon as possible (to maximize the amount of Bible teaching that readers can access on this site), while still taking care to not publish any content that is still “half-baked”, since “half-baked” and “Bible teaching” should never go together.

I do try to strike a balance in what is posted on the site so that it’s not just a forest of page stubs and outlines. What this means in practice is that while I typically have many, many things I am working on concurrently, I only publicly post the ones that I am planning to work on consistently such that they actually get finished in a timely manner.