Online Bible Studies

Fellowship over Zoom

In addition to the forum, our fellowship also has a perpetual Zoom meeting that is always running. You can join the meeting at any time with the following information:

Zoom allows for many people (up to 100 at the same time) to talk to each other over audio and video. If you want to just hang out and chat with people in our community (potentially a lot of them at once) over audio/video, you will do this through the perpetual Zoom meeting.

While there is no obligation to take advantage of this Zoom option on top of the forum, I highly encourage everyone to participate, as the more people are active, the more useful it will be!

Scheduled meetings

While you are welcome to join the room at any time, there is no guarantee that anyone else will be on (although perhaps someone else will be – you can always check). We presently have two scheduled meetings every week. These are open to everyone, and we’d love for you to come and join us.

Bible study

Currently at 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on Saturdays. Our meetings are recorded and then posted on YouTube:

Casual chat

We also meet at ~6:45 PM Eastern Standard Time on Thursdays to have a more casual discussion about anything and everything. (This meeting is less formal and is not recorded).

Learning about Zoom

I also made instructional videos for Zoom that would be good to watch if you are not familiar with the application:

Installation, and joining meetings

The basic Zoom interface

Once you’ve watched the first video, you’ll know how to join our perpetual Zoom meeting with the link ( You may want to bookmark this link so that you can easily jump back into the Zoom meeting later on. (Or you can come back here to click the link).