Planned Content


I use a Kanban board via GitHub to track upcoming work related to this website.

If you want to get an idea of what things are in the pipeline and what I’ll be working on next, this board tracks all my work.

Suggestions from the people

While I make no promises, I am open to suggestions and feedback on work items.

For example, if there is a page in the backlog about dealing with occult influence and you just read a book on similar things that you think I should look at, you can comment on the work item (if you have a GitHub account) to link the related resource.

Or perhaps you see that I am planning to cover a topic, but you really think it would be great if I made sure to hit XYZ subpoints, which you don’t see in the initial outline. You can comment on the work item to let me know.

Opening issues

While I am not completely opposed to content suggestions coming in the form of readers opening issues in the repository, for the most part I would prefer feedback on the direction that I am myself choosing.