BB6A - Peripateology (Ichthys Study)


Link: YouTube playlist of study recordings

First video in series:

This series is the first recorded series of our Bible study group. We decided to go through BB6A: Peripateology, a longform text study that is part of Ichthys’ Bible Basics Series, which is a complete systematic theology.

This study specifically deals with the concept of the Christian Walk – the day-to-day fight we find ourselves in as believers in a hostile world. Much of the information in this study shows up in multiple other places on Ichthys, but this study is a good summary and encapsulation of some of the core principles necessary for growing up spiritually and fighting the good fight thereafter.

Focus and pace

While the general format may change if and when we tackle a book of scripture directly, for this study, we have kept discussion only loosely organized around the written Ichthys materials. In practice, this means that our discussion ranges rather widely on a range of topics rather than staying laser-focused on our source reading material. This also means that our pace has been rather relaxed in terms of what we get through each week.

Notable speakers on the recordings

The people you will hear most by far on these recordings are myself (Steven Tammen) and Odii Ariwodo, another of the next-generation Bible teachers who came up under Ichthys and Bible Academy.

Both of us have primarily text-centric ministries, but the recordings of this Bible study are a non-text outlet for both of us.