Study Group Recordings

I have long run an online Bible study group. This section contains descriptions of the studies we have done over time, with links to the corresponding YouTube playlists. We do not move particularly fast, but we also try to avoid seriously-off-topic rabbit trails.

Please note that these videos are posted “as is” and are not corrected or improved over time. For this reason, you should err on the side of trusting the written content on this site more than anything that shows up in the videos. (For a more thorough discussion, see /site/recordings-of-online-bible-studies/#caveats-with-these-recordings-of-the-online-bible-studies). I am simply offering the video recordings because it costs me very little effort to do so, and some people may find them helpful, even if they are not always perfect.

If you are interested in participating in the Bible study, see here.

List of study group recordings