How You Can Help This Ministry

Praying for this ministry

Quite simply, the one single thing you can do to help this ministry the most is to pray for it consistently. Scripture is clear that God does listen to our prayers asked in faith (for example, compare 1 John 5:14-15, 1 Peter 3:12, John 9:31). You can call down God’s divine aid kind of like a soldier on the ground calling down a targeted airstrike from command HQ. All you have to do is ask!

Financial support

At present, I do not accept financial support. I believe that others need the support a great deal more than me (see here).

In place of me, I hope people might consider these other needs within the body of Christ. Some of those I recommend in that link are my close friends, and helping them is in fact helping me.

Sharing this ministry

Teaching over marketing fanfare in general

As a matter of principle for ministries, teaching (as opposed to marketing) should always come first and be prioritized, because God can bring the people interested in the truth according to His perfect plan. (To put things differently, God Himself is our marketing department).

Unlike other individuals interested in power, fame, wealth, worldly respect, and so on, teachers ought to be solely focused on the spiritual growth of their flocks. For this reason, even if it runs counter to these other things like money and fame, teachers need to teach the truth and leave the rest in the Lord’s hands. Just look at many of the Old Testament prophets. If success were measured in terms of money and numbers, then their ministries did not succeed. Rather than receiving the support and respect of the people, they were instead beaten and put to death at their hands. Yet we know that they did succeed… because what matters is doing what God would have us do, not how many people clap at our speech.

This ministry in particular

While I make every reasonable effort on my own to increase the visibility of this ministry, I refuse to cross certain lines. I will not buy ads. I will not participate in shady marketing practices. I will not change the things I write about in order to cater to a broader audience (compare the prosperity gospel) – the truth is the truth.

Further, consider the fact that I am but one person, swimming in waters with some churches that have hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of followers, broad social media networks, and other things of this sort. In our modern environment, crowded and noisy, the little fish have the cards stacked against them more now than ever before.

So what’s your point?

The point of me bringing all these things up is simply that this ministry is at somewhat of a visibility disadvantage due to its priorities and the choices I have made. Given this, word-of-mouth sharing takes on greater importance.

I won’t say anything like “please constantly blast this site on all your social media channels!” because, truly, I think that is less effective than sharing it selectively with people who are likely to actually be interested. The point is that if you find this site (or even just some specific writing on it) to be helpful, then you can help this ministry greatly by taking the time to share that which you find useful with others.

To be clear: I don’t wish for anyone to feel any pressure to share something they aren’t actually fired up about. If you don’t personally find something useful, don’t share it. If, however, you do find value in something, well then given the visibility disadvantage this ministry is constrained to operate under, how are other people going to hear about it if you don’t share your experience?