About the Author

My name is Steven Tammen. I currently work in Warner Robins Georgia as a civilian employee of the 402 Software Engineering Group (SWEG), United States Air Force. My team in particular does full-stack web applications with C# (ASP.NET Core) on the backend and Angular on the frontend.

I graduated from the University of Georgia in December 2019 with three majors: Computer Science, Ancient Greek, and Classics. I spent the first two years of my college experience (out of a total of 5.5 – that’s what changing your major twice and ending up a triple major does to you) at Georgia Tech studying engineering, before deciding I wanted to learn Ancient Greek in college for the sake of this ministry. Georgia Tech is excellent for engineering, but Ancient Greek is something that it doesn’t even offer – hence why I ended up at UGA. You can see more about me, including things I did in college, in my CV.

The below links represent my effort to document relevant information about myself, like my spiritual background and my qualifications to teach.