1. Shorter Topical Studies: concise topical studies, dedicated to brief but thorough treatments of individual concepts.
  2. Longer Topical Studies: in-depth topical studies, in the manner of longform non-fiction books.
  3. Verse-by-verse Studies: detailed Bible study notes, organized by chapter and verse.
  4. Q&As: questions and answers by topic. Some of these Q&As come from correspondence with site readers, while others (both questions and answers) are completely of my own creation.

While these four categories of resources are organized independently, across all of them, much content supports all three communication mediums: text, video, and audio.


If you'd like to get a pretty thorough general summary of what this ministry is about, the Ministry Introduction and General Overview video on the YouTube channel is a good place to start.

In short, BibleDocs is a site dedicated to in-depth Bible teaching and resources related to Bible study, apologetics, evangelism, and more. All Christians should read their Bible often, no matter what sort of role they occupy in the Body of Christ. However, God has provided gifted individuals in the Church to supply Christians with additional spiritual nourishment (Ephesians 4:11-16). Pastor-teachers, for example, exercise their spiritual gifts to mine truth from scripture and present it in different forms to others, according to the ministries assigned to them by Christ (1 Corinthians 12:4-6). Bible teaching does not replace Bible reading; rather, it supplements it. Likewise, apologetics and evangelism helps never replace the Bible, but are used alongside it to make ministry more effective.

The materials on this site are written with this perspective in mind: that scripture is the final authority in all things, and that activities like Bible teaching, apologetics, and evangelism must necessarily stem directly from the Bible, being undertaken by gifted and prepared individuals.

Have questions?

A central part of this ministry is fielding and answering questions from everyday Christians (and then topically organizing and posting the questions and their respective answers once enough of them have accumulated), so please do not be shy to reach out — you'll be helping the site in the long run. You can reach me at

(With regard to these Q&As on the site, I anonymize everything not written by me, and I also honor all requests to refrain from posting correspondence).

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