Verse-by-verse Studies

The Verse-by-verse Studies on this site go over things one verse at a time (sticking with a specific part of scripture rather than tracing a subject). I have adopted the practice of covering verses as I feel led to, which means that rather than going through an entire book of the Bible in order, the verse-by-verse content on this site will tend to be more scattershot, tackling some difficult verses here and there across many different books. Over time, I hope to have the coverage and continuity increase, to the point it isn’t so sparse.

Not every single thing written in these verse-by-verse studies on the site will have a video made about it, but only the things of sufficient length and complexity to merit such. This means that there will be a number of shorter notes that will only show up as text on the study webpages (which are organized by chapter).

List of verse-by-verse studies