Prayer List


This page contains the prayer list for this ministry, with requests coming from myself and the wider community of readers and their loved ones.

If you have something you wish to ask for prayer on, you can email me at, and I’ll add it to the list. You can also subsequently email me if you want to update something on the list (reports of God working, e.g.), or remove something from the list (perhaps it is no longer relevant).

I default to anonymizing things down to first names (for people I know well enough that I am pretty sure that they will be OK with such) or first initials (for people I don’t know as well, for people who I know prefer more privacy, or for any sensitive requests). If I “got it wrong” and used a first name when you’d prefer just an initial (or even full anonymity, as in “Pray for our brother’s son’s recovery from a car accident”), then please do not be shy in reaching out to me to tell me what you’d prefer. I apologize in advance if this ever happens.

I have organized the prayer list into various sections based on commonalities (although of course there is really no wrong way to pray as long we do it with the proper attitude).

Prayer list

Higher priority requests

  • Comfort and encouragement for M., who lost her husband in his 50s to cancer.
  • Healing for Mrs. O.

Contemporary wider issues

  • For the conflict in the Ukraine – all those displaced and harmed by the war.
  • For those who have suffered and are suffering as a result of recent economic hiccups: the lousy stock market, inflation, high mortgage rates, and so on.
  • For persecuted believers in Afghanistan.


  • For this ministry, BibleDocs, and my own dedication and focus.
  • For Ichthys and Dr. Robert Luginbill.
  • For Bible Academy and Pastor Curt Omo.
  • For our brothers and sisters who are presently engaging in ministry overseas (or have a recurring focus on such): Evan and Jodi in Germany, Sandy and Finn (and others) in China, Ruth and Jeff in Indonesia, and others.
  • For our other brothers and sisters preparing for and engaging in ministry: Odii, Jordan, Abby, Jacob, Ryan, Garret, Justin, and others.


  • For the health and comfort of C., and for her caretakers. Alzheimer’s is a very difficult disease to bear for all parties involved.


  • For the safety of Odii and his wife in their occasionally dangerous and unstable living circumstances.

School and work

  • For S. and S. in their programs of study and academic circumstances.
  • For Odii’s successful employment. That opportunities would work out and financial provision from his work would increase.
  • For Jordan: job stuff generally