This page goes over some basic meta information about this study on BibleDocs.

About this study

The Sunday morning class for the college/career group at Central Baptist in Warner Robins is going through a study in the class workbooks. This series here is just a collection of whatever thoughts I have about the material from each week.

I’ll reference the starting page number in the workbook for each week, but people who aren’t part of this group at Central Baptist shouldn’t have much problem following the topics, as most of them ought to stand alone reasonably well. I’m not making it my purpose to necessarily try and teach what the lessons already do, but more explore tangents that I got interested in, having thought about things in the lessons.


If I’m thinking about the materials anyway, jotting things down to do research later, and then actually doing said research, writing it up in some form helps me capture it for the future just for myself, so I don’t forget things. Sharing it publicly on the internet is a step past that, to be sure, but it’s mostly because I’m doing it anyway.

Maybe other people will find it interesting too. That is the hope.