Q&As (both questions and answers) that are completely of my own creation.

While not always the case, I do reasonably frequently use past conversations I had with my mentor (Dr. Robert Luginbill of as a starting point in creating these. In this, I add headers for organization, change around wording in places, reorder things, omit tangential details, and otherwise modify the substance of the exchanges to a greater or lesser extent (but sometimes not much at all—meaning the bulk of the response text in such cases is mostly word-for-word from Dr. Luginbill not me). In other words, when making content based off of these past exchanges with my mentor, while usually some changes have been made (adding headers to organize things at the very least), the amount the content has been changed follows a spectrum from “not much at all = most of the wording in responses is from Dr. Luginbill” to “a great deal = most of the wording in responses is from me.” It’s a rather blurry line, but if I feel my rendition of an exchange has “not changed much” (wherever exactly on the spectrum that is), then I will add a note at the top to say something to the effect that much of the wording in responses is directly from Dr. Luginbill rather than myself. I do this in order to make a good-faith attempt at trying not to pass off the words of another as my own, insofar as that is actually the case.

List of self-generated questions and answers